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The 8 Burger is a fast-food restaurant that aims to combine affordability with signature burgers. We have an extensive range of products to choose from, with an option to create your own burger too! Plus, don’t forget to check out our meal deals and luxurious sides.


All served in a freshly baked brioche bun:

The Classic Burger

Handmade double smashed patty, melted American cheese, bed of lettuce, tomato and gherkin – £7.45

The Eight Burger

Four handmade smashed beef patty burgers, melted American cheese, turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, gherkin and caramelised onions – £11.45

Classic Chicken Burger

Double grilled chicken breast with American melted cheese, bed of lettuce, tomato served with homemade mustard mayonnaise sauce – £8.95

Chicken and Beef Patty Combo

Southern fried chicken breast, smashed beef patty served with American cheese, bed of lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise – £10.95

Spicy Bean Burger (Vegetarian & Vegan)

Kidney beans and vegetables coated in gluten free breadcrumbs with smashed avocado, bed of lettuce, tomato, served with burger relish – £7.35

The 8 Plant Based Burger (Vegan)

The plant based vegan burger served on a gluten free bun with caramelised onions on a bed of lettuce and tomato – £6.85

Crunchy Peanut Butter Burger

Handmade double smashed beef patty, American melted cheese, peanut butter, turkey bacon – £8.95

The Mighty Egg Burger

Handmade double smashed beef patty, American melted cheese, free range egg, bed of lettuce, tomato and caramelised onion – £7.45

Southern Fried Chicken Burger

Doubled southern fried chicken breast served with American melted cheese, bed of lettuce, tomato and slaw – £8.95

Cauliflower Cheese Burger – (Vegetarian)

Cauliflower, kale and oak smoked cheddar cheese coated in a parsley crumb served with cos lettuce and tomato and rich in cranberry sauce – £7.95

Jackfruit Burger (Vegan)

Patty of jackfruit served with smashed avocado, bed of lettuce, tomato and pickled red onion on a gluten free bun – £7.80

Free toppings include:

Caramelised onions, red pickled onions, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, burger sauce, burger relish, BBQ sauce

Extra toppings:

Extra 3oz beef patty – £2
Melted American cheese – £1.10
Halloumi cheese – £1.75
Turkey bacon – £1.25
Smashed avocado – £1.80
Fried egg – 80p
Grilled mushroom – 80p
Slaw – £1.20



Two selected burgers
Two portions of skin on fries
Two side orders
Two soft drinks
£30.95 (excludes The Eight Burger)


6 fried chicken wings on bed of lettuce garnished with red peppers, spring onions and sesame seeds. Selection of either BBQ, buffalo, peri peri sauce, red hot chilli,

sweet chilli -£5.95

Drinks (£1.50)

Coca Cola 330ml
Diet Coke 330ml
Fanta Orange 330ml
Fanta Lemon 330ml
Fanta Fruit Twist 330ml
Sprite 330ml
Lilt 330ml

Glass Bottles

Still water 300ml
Sparkling water 300ml


4 Southern fried chicken strips served with bed of lettuce and selected dips. Buffalo, blue cheese, BBQ, red hot sauce, sweet chilli – £4.95
House skin on rustic fries drizzled with melted American cheese – £3.85
6 giant onion rings – £4
5 jalapeno cheese balls -£4.25
5 mozzarella cheese sticks – £4.25
5 mac and cheese bites – £4.60


5 churros with a side of either Nutella, melted milk or white sauce, toffee caramel syrup – £5.50
Churros toppings include:
Brownie pieces – £1.10
Crushed Oreo – 80p
Crushed nuts – 80p
Crushed Digestives – 80p
Toffee fudge cubes – 80p
Melted milk chocolate sauce – £1
Melted white chocolate sauce – £1
Nutella – £1
Oreo cheesecake – £4
Gluten free New York vanilla cheesecake – £3.50

Milkshakes (16oz, 4.95)

Oreo cookie
Ferrero Rocher
Salted caramel
Kinder Bueno
Binder Bueno white
Extra whipped cream – 40p